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How to Snorkel

1. How to clear a snorkel...

One time or another you are bound to get water down the bore of your snorkel either from a wave, splashing water or the dive you just made. With the open bore of the snorkel pointed to the sky quickly exhaust a breath into the snorkel this force will push water through the one way purge valve in your snorkel as well as propel water out the top of the snorkel much like a breaching whale. It is a simple task, but for new snorkelers you want to try flooding the snorkels a few times on purpose so you get used to the feeling and can perfect exhausting water from the snorkel.  

2. How to snorkel and clear a Snorkeling Mask...

There are 2 settings you may find that you need to clear your snorkeling mask, at the surface or during a dive. When at the surface you can bring your face out of the water, tilt your head back and pull the bottom of your mask outward releasing the water from the grasp of your snorkeling mask. If during a dive water floods your mask and you want to clear it before reaching the surface simply do the same steps as you would at the surface, but add exhaling as you let the mask back towards your face. This will push the water out while the mask creates a new dry seal.

3. How to snorkel and clear your ears...

OOOOOOOUUUUUUCH is what you feel if you have ever gone to deep without clearing your ears. As you travel deeper under water during a dive you will feel pressure building up on your ears. This is due to the pressure in your ear canal not being equal with the pressure outside of your ear canal. OOOOO so thats why it is also called equalizing. I want the pressure in my ear canal to be equal to the pressure outside my ear canal. There are 3 main ways to achieve this pressure equalizing goal.

1. Valsalva Maneuver: Pinch your nose and gently blow through your nose. You will feel air in your eustachian tubes, and a soft popping sound.

2. Toynbee Maneuver: Pinch your nose while swallowing. This forces your eustachian tubes open, while compressing air against them and equalizing the pressure with the forces around you.

3. Lowery Technique: A combination of the Valsalva and Toynbee maneuvers. While closing your nose, blow and swallow at the same time.

4. How to snorkel with glasses...

Don’t be mr magoo, if you wear glasses why wouldn't you snorkel with the same corrected vision. So many people I have worked with have told me snorkeling is ok I just can't see much or my partner snorkels, but I don't because I can't see the wonders below. Now for me that is just too many don'ts and can’ts. There is a simple fix, wear your contacts with your snorkel mask or there are prescriptive masks and lenses for masks. The other great news is that they are affordable, usually even less than your glasses. So the next time you hear I would go, but I can’t see much you can answer let me show you how you can see all.

5. How to snorkel dive...

Or how to dive down while snorkeling. If you want to get more up close and personal with the life below you will need to perform a dive. 

1. Take a deep breath
2. Point the top of your head towards the ground
3. Roll your shoulders underwater to point the top of them towards the ground
4. Lift your feet/fins out of the water and make your body perpendicular to the ground.
6. The weight of your body in this position will begin to push you underwater.
7. Once your fins enter the water you may begin kicking to push yourself to deoth
8. Clear your ears as necessary
9. Enjoy the upclose look of the sea life. 

Be careful that you never... 
1. Hyperventilate before diving down
3. Go beyond your comfort zone
2. Dive alone

6. How to snorkel from shore...

Beaches are not just for lounging and soaking in the sun rays. Some of the best snorkeling is just a few steps away. For areas with small waves and little to no undertow, putting your fins on in the water may be your best option. If the waves, undertow and current tend to be a bit stronger your best option is to put your fins on while on land and walk backwards to the water where you can begin snorkeling as soon as you get to the water. This keeps you from fumbling around and possibly losing a fin. Always keep in mind that what makes snorkeling so beautiful are the corals, sea anemones, and other underwater life. While all of these things are beautiful they bring their own risks. Make sure to stay aware at all times, especially while in shallow waters.

7. How to snorkel from a boat...

Set sail into adventure with a boat snorkeling excursion. Boat snorkeling gives you an opportunity to explore a wide range of reefs, recs and sealife. When looking for a boat charter there are several things to keep in mind for safety. Check their track record and look into online reviews for other boaters experiences. Tripadvisor is a great resource for this research. Entering the water from a boat holds its own set of challenges and benefits. The manner in which you enter the water will depend upon the type of boat from which you are snorkeling, the conditions of the water, and the directions of the boat crew. 

For example, if you are snorkeling in deep water from a boat with a swim platform, you can do a "giant stride entry". The giant stride entry requires you to put on your mask, fins, and snorkel. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Look to see that the area of water in front of you is clear of other snorkelers. Place your right hand over your mask and snorkel to keep them in place. Then, looking straight ahead, lift up your knee and step straight out. Splash! You are now in the aquatic world ready to begin your adventure. But, before you do, signal to the boat crew that you are okay by placing your hand on your head and making eye contact. Have fun! 

If the boat has no swim platform, and/or is smaller, then a seated entry will be an appropriate entry. Don your mask and snorkel, and while sitting down, put on your fins. Then, you can turn to one side, put your hand down, push off, and enter the water.

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